Wednesday, March 10, 2010

roads to reading

It's a cliche, but all kids really are different. My two are so dissimilar it's amazing that they are both outcomes of the comingling of the same stuff. One thing in particular is books. Joe LOVES books. He spends a good portion of his day selecting reading material and shoving it in my face. I love it too of course, because Sam? Well, not really one to ask for a story. I have tried, with limited success, to get him interested in books. Until just recently, he was a book destroyer. Anything with paper pages had to be kept out of reach, unless you want them ripped apart and all bent up. Seriously, you should see our sad collection. The ones that have managed to survive the Sam toddler stage, show many, many battle scars. I wish I could say it was from enthusiastic reading. But give the kid a pile of books and he has a much different plan.

I'm sure you can imagine the power struggle between the 3 year old who carefully builds such a walking trail, and the 17 month old who wants to bring every book to mommy to read.


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Carin said...

woohoo!!!! We're millionaires. Okay, maybe not, but we shall have some fun with our new cameras, pardner.