Monday, December 07, 2009

Sam's Day

What a great day! It was just us as a family, no parties or anything. Which I thought would be nice and sweet. Until Sam started talking about who was coming to his birthday party. Um. Who said anything about a birthday party? Jay and I just kinda looked at each other. In that moment, it hit home how much he's grown. He had formulated his own idea of what was going to happen on his birthday. A pang of guilt shot through me as I quickly tried to assess the number of little people I could assemble in my living room. But then, of course, I put that idea aside. We had a pretty busy day planned, and sure enough, he didn't really bring it up again. Well, until after his nap, when he announced he just had his party...up in his room. Um, alright. Sorry I missed it. Hope it was fun.

We started the day with breakfast at Sam's favorite joint. Oatmeal pancakes at Magnolia.

Yummy, as always. After we got home, Joe went down for his nap and I took Sam on a walk to the corner market/bakery to pick out his birthday treat.

While we were gone Jay covertly disassembled Sam's crib and replaced it with a toddler trampoline (as suggested by the wonderful Mrs. Brown ages ago...right on the mark, Holly. Just what he needed). Oh, and Jay blew up a bazillion balloons. He was also supposed to make the "big boy bed" with the new truck bedding set I ordered. Well, I accidently clicked the toddler size set. Way to go Mom. So Jay just put on the pillow case and lay the comforter on top. Luckily, he was just turning 3. Not really a stickler for details. He'll get excited about anything as long at there is a truck on it.

When we got home, we headed upstairs and in he walked to a ton of balloons, two new trucks and a trampoline. He was a little flabbergasted taking it all in. He didn't even seem to notice the crib was gone.

We were then treated to an hour of bouncing while we waited for Joe to wake up from his nap.

Once Joe was up, we ate lunch and packed the family up to go get our Christmas tree. As you can see, Sam was giddy with anticipation.

Actually, it turns out the car ride was a little much for him. He takes after me in the car sick department. As soon as we turn up the farm road he woke up and...threw up all his banana pancakes. Happy Birthday! I need to file away in my brain that whenever Sam inexplicably starts to cry in a car...grab a bucket. Every time he starts that whiny cry, I turn around and ask "What's a matter buddy?", and everytime? the answer is vomit.

After puking, Sam declared that he "felt much better!" and was all about getting out of the car to find our tree. So off we went to hunt one down. Sam was thrilled to help Dad with the dangerously sharp tools.

She's a beauty!

After getting the boys and the tree back home, it was Sam's first nap in his big boy bed. It went surprisingly well. He did set off the jingle bell booby trap on his gate a few times. But then settled down and took a nice long one. Sour stomachs and trampolines make for long naps.

Joe then followed and I hit the store to get ravioli provisions, as requested. Dinner was followed by the cupcake,

Funniest Home Videos and and decorating the tree.

All in all a very enjoyable day. Really, one of the best in a long time. Can't wait for next year...I hope we don't have to have a party.

oh...and lots more pics over on Flickr

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