Tuesday, September 08, 2009


I will do it too. The pun of Labor Day. Yes, we labored. We labored all over the place.

My project...

Almost done. The yellow is called "Lemon Gelato." As it turns out, it's a little...Lemon Gelato-y. Not really a good thing. It's not horrible, but I think I might do more than just paint it. I'll post pictures once it's really done.

And Jay, well JAY built a whole walkway! The gravel walk that used to be in front was becoming the neighborhood litter box. So Gross. Every morning we'd be greeted by one, if not two big cat turds. Lord knows they weren't just pooping, and the smell...oh, the smell. And we weren't the only ones offended. The dogs, joining in our disgust, did their best to freshen it up with their own contributions of BIG PUDDLES OF URINE. Blech.

So Jay dug it up, and put in these nice pavers. Looks awesome.

It was hard with the two little guys demanding quite a bit of attention, but we took shifts and it worked out great. And Sam was a great supervisor.

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anniebel said...

I like! I like! Looks amazing!