Friday, July 17, 2009

When life gives you puddles...jump.

Well, the rain didn't listen to me. Yesterday we were again treated with showers and a thunderstorm. Actually, a pretty crazy thunderstorm. Sam always seems to nap through the big ones. But luckily, it left a few remnants behind that a boy can appreciate.

I can only hope that the weather in Northampton is a little more settled. We are leaving this afternoon to head down and meet a bunch of potential renters. I've gotten a ton of response on my craigslist ads, so I'm feeling pretty confident. And as a bonus, I get to sleep in our old house tonight. Our tenants are away for the weekend, so Joe and I are going to crash at the old homestead and get an early start on a little clean up, weeding and 'staging.'

Should be interesting. Just like old times! But on an aero bed. No large brown dog. Oh, and a baby. Yeah, not quite the same.

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anniebel said...

Love the pictures! That is awesome the way you caught that reflection!!! You are such a great picture taker!!