Tuesday, July 28, 2009

all cried out...

Joe is different from Sam in so many ways. Not only in activity level, though that is probably the most noticeable at first, but in other aspects as well. Like the hair. Sam lost nearly all his shortly after birth, and it grew back slowly, and sparsely, and in fine, strait little wisps. Joe? Has glorious thick waves. On humid days they might even be considered curls. Love it.

Look at those bags. Poor kid has been having a rough time. He had a fever last weekend, and followed that up with a day of screaming yesterday. Tooth #6 peeked out a while ago, but as it continues to descend it's having trouble shedding the gum completely. Causing a lot of greif...for everybody. Luckily, he seemed to be in better spirits after he woke up from his nap this afternoon. Let's hope it stays that way. Luckily, the fingers seem to be keeping the pain at bay. Better them than my shoulder...ouch.

And on a side note, that sweater I talked of knitting? Well, the pattern is only for a small. small. Hence all the small boobed women who posted their lovely Mrs. Darcys on Ravelry. I am not a small...at all. My torso/body is a medium, but my boobs are a large. Basically, if I buy a shirt to fit my body, it fits in the arms/shoulders/waist, but I can't button it across my chest. But if I buy to fit my chest, I swim in it and look super dumpy. So back to the drawing board. Anyone out there on Ravelry, feel free to give suggestions. So far, I ain't seen nuthin. But if I want a sweater by fall, I better get crackin!


crankypantsknits. said...

I can't wait to see Joe! He's huge!

I am looking for an alternative pattern for you but there are SO many crappy ones to wade through!


I'll poke around more later. :)

KL said...

Oh, good one! On the list for consideration.

I went ahead and checked out all the other knitty cardis and I'm kinda drawn to the Revolution. Yarn choice would be key, but I kinda like it. Only thing is that I think you might have to be tall...it's so long.


I'm also kinda liking this one from Drops...though the pic is cheesy.


KL said...

why doesn't blogger recognize links in comments? Annoying.

KL said...

Oh and this one..