Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We'll do better next year (probably)

Hope all the Dad's out there had a nice and restful Father's Day. Jay's normal day to sleep in is Sunday, so he felt a little gypped. And I thought there would be an opportunity to make him breakfast, especially considering it was the one morning Joe decided to sleep in too.

For like, a minute. Oh well.

Sam was the only one to come through, scribbling all his love and appreciation on a folded card of construction paper. I signed it too.

You're welcome.

And once again, my own father got only the requisite phone call (or ichat). My mother didn't fare any better a month or so ago on Mother's Day. Every year, my resolution is to actually send cards for birthdays, father's day, Christmas and such, and every year, I am a terrible disappointment to myself.

I blame the children. Though they can be credited with my newfound appreciation of such holidays and occasions, they are also the reason I am so. tired. So the the result is really just an increased amount of guilt. What a treat.

Oh, I sound all dreary and whiny. Not so! We're good. Very good, as a matter of fact. Just crazy busy and tired. We have the Open House for the Northampton house this weekend and it's kinda kicking my butt.

So here's some brotherly love to make you smile.

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