Monday, June 01, 2009

discernible knees are overrated

This morning I was changing Joe and I think, quite possibly, that he's getting a little leaner. Just a little. And I thought about how much I will miss his rolly polly chub. It's not going anywhere right this minute, but it will go eventually. Sam barely has any left. Just a little bit of sausage arm is in effect, the rest of him is all little boy.

So I grabbed my camera to snap a few quick ones while I had him lying there, thighs displayed for the world to see. I now wish I had taken off his onsie. Oh well. Another day, another picture.

I'm so tempted to photoshop some eyelashes on him. He's got them, and they're pretty long, they're just light and stick straight out from is eyelids like brush bristles. It's weird because his hair has so much more wave than Sam's ever did. I'll find him stealing my eyelash curler and mascara as a teenager.

But for now he's still pretty cute without any adulteration.

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Ed said...

Ann and I really thnk Joe is looking more and more like Sam every day. Those pictures are precious.