Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Apron strings loosened.

This morning was Sam's first morning with Mikeala....babysitter/nanny extraordinaire. On any give morning you can see her with two or three toddlers in tow, walking to the park or headed to the library. The boys and I often see her at our neighborhood bakery. I've chatted her up a few times about taking Sam now and then, but it always seemed kinda lazy, or financially irresponsible of me to do it.

Well, this summer another mom in the neighborhood who only needed one morning a week with Mikaela approached me. With two kids, her price is cheaper, so would I be interested in having her take Sam? Hmmm, 4 hours to clean, launder, sit? sleep? Have some quality alone time with Joe? And also a chance for Sam to make some new friends, and get used to taking orders from someone else. Also, I get him back right at lunch, then nap. So really, it's almost like a whole day break from my little man. I love the guy, but...he's quite the brain scrambler sometimes.

I said ok.

He seemed to really enjoy it. They went to the park, Mikeala said Sam played baseball and ran around. He pushed the stroller all the way home. They had no listening issues like we have around here. And true to form, when I went to pick him up and told him it was time to go, he ran away to the backyard. But I guess that's a good sign that he had fun. But I couldn't even get a hug out the kid. Sheesh.

But on the walk home I told him "Joe missed you this morning" and Sam smiled and rubbed Joe on the head and said "I miss you too, baby Joe." At least someone gets the love.

When we got home, I sat him down with some Graham crackers while I went to the kitchen to make him lunch. As I entered, holding his plate of peanut butter and banana sandwhich, I find this...

Thank you Mikaela! So guess what I am having for lunch today.

I won't get into the nitty gritty of all I got done this morning. But it was ALOT. Looking forward to next Wednesday already.


crankypantsknits. said...

Good for you!!! Henry used to do the same thing when I picked him up at school- run, run away! It stings, but it's so nice that you can have some alone (with Joe) time without feeling like the little man is sitting and pining away for you the whole time. Yay!

Also, these pictures you've been posting are killing me. I wanna see you guys soon!!!

KL said...

Don't know if there are any visits up north planned? But we need to see you guys too!! Henry is SO big.