Thursday, May 14, 2009


So I've been thinking on why it is that I don't take many pictures of Joe. I've come to the conclusion that it's because he doesn't really DO anything. I mean, he's cute, super cute, but you can only have so many pictures of baby sitting. or sitting. Oh look! He's SITTING!

Whereas, Sam is a flurry of activity and photo ops. Joe's happy to just relax and watch the action. And BELIEVE ME, I'm not complaining. Sam skipped the whole sitting thing altogether. This is a new and wonderful experience, being able to set a baby down and have them stay in one place. I can actually do yard work and Joe will just hang out on a blanket. Give him a toy and he's pleased as punch. At this age Sam would just tip over and wiggle, and either start to scream or inch his way to the edge of the blanket to eat the grass. Hence the "play yard" we had to purchase (nice word for cage.)

Jay and I were talking about how happy we are that Sam came first. Can you imagine if you thought all babies were like Joe and then got a Sam? Holy cow. It's so much better this way.

Oh poor Sam. I talk such smack. He's so awesome. Seriously. Sweet and kind. Curious and bold. I wouldn't change a thing. Well maybe the whole spitting thing...and running away giggling while being reprimanded...but I digress.

One thing I love about Sam is that he is always ready to try. ANYTHING. He doesn't argue about clothes, or putting on shoes or trying a game or task. He's a pretty good go-with-the-flow kinda kid, as long as the flow involves a lot of movement and new and interesting things. If he sees you doing something, pretty much anything, all you hear is "Sam try it?" So when I made a dandelioin necklace the other day, he begged me to try it on.

And what else could I do, but make him a matching bracelet?

I sat and smiled while he went along on his toddler business adorned in a ring of flowers.

See? photo ops.

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