Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ok Mercury, just grade or whatever, already.

Things that have gone all wonky on us in the last 2 weeks

Flat tire on the stroller
lawn mower battery won't charge
car needs new air pump
iMac display bulb fried/died

and now?

the big elm tree has Dutch Elm disease.

And this Big Boy Bed business is seriously wearing me out. Sam's willing to start there, but usually ends up back in the crib before morning...unless I or Jay sleep with him all night long. One bonus of having to lay down with him to get him to sleep is that it forces me to lie down at 8 o'clock. Last night I didn't get back up until 11:30. However this also means I didn't get to take all my iTunes off the iMac before it went into the shop this morning. Hope my music library is safe. I don't even want to think about how much it would cost to replace all those digitized songs. Luckily my photos are on a separate hard drive.

Sorry, kinda all over the place.

Ugh, it just seems like things are a little out of balance. At my old job, whenever things got all crazy and stuff was breaking all over the place, my boss would say "Mercury must be in retrograde." I wasn't always sure what that meant, exactly, but had something to do with cosmic forces causing things to get all mucked up and clunky.

So I just googled it and guess what? Mercury IS in retrograde. Started May 7th and ends May 31st. I had to laugh! I don't really buy into astrology, but it's weird that's the first thing I thought of considering all the stuff that's been breaking lately. I should read more and see if I can burn some sage or stand on my head while reciting incantations to get rid of the bad mojo. Hope things right themselves before the furnace blows up.

I just re-read this post and I think I used the word "stuff" 10 times...not as much as "thing" though. One day my brain will return to me, and with it, a decent vocabulary.

In the meantime, may a picture speak a thousand words I can't remember.

Oh, and I finally started using my Flickr... so check out my link over there in the top right. If you want to see pics I don't post.


abby said...

Beautiful Blue Eyes!

djbeat said...

visiting from ss - your post made me smile out loud (is that possible) - empathizing i guess. we're trying to get an 8month old out of our bed & into his crib...


Sara said...

What lovely expressions!

And I'll have to remember that line "may a picture speak a thousand words I can't remember". So true!

Shawna said...

oh, i really like that last one. i'm a sucker for sunlight.