Monday, May 18, 2009

"Jessamyn, play trucks ah MEee?

I have been trying to dig out of the void that's left after friends come to visit and go home. The house always seems a bit empty and sad after guests are gone. We had a wonderful time doing pretty much nothing. Friday night, we drank too much wine while laughing and giggling in the backyard. Saturday we lamented (we ain't no spring chicks anymore), ate pizza and went shopping. Sunday, breakfast and then? Sadly, good-bye.

Sometime within that stretch Jessamyn put in some serious baby holding time and played about a bajillion rounds of "trucks" with Sam. (Which, of course, I took NO pictures of. You can always tell when I'm having fun, I don't take pics). Man, that kid LOVED her. And what's not to love? She'll not only play trucks, but she'll build a ramp and have a jumping contest with you. He followed her all over the house. She smiled and cuddled while he molested her things and lavashed her with his unyielding attention. Oh, and how he misses her. Normally when he wakes up, he bounces in his crib chanting "MA-ma-DA-Dee-MA-ma-DA-Dee" until we come to get him. This morning? 100% was "JESS-min-JESS-min-Jess-min."

We miss you. Come back soon.

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Jess said...

I miss you guys so much. I swear I can still hear Sam's sweet voice and I wish I was holding Joe. Thanks for such great conversations, walks, and pizza. :-) What a calming weekend!