Friday, April 10, 2009


When I clicked on Shutter Sisters this morning, the subject was Black and White photography. Because I always like to participate, I started looking through my library to find an appropriate black and white photo to share. As I've mentioned before, black and white is often a tool I use to "save" an otherwise grainy or underexposed picture. It's amazing what a mood change the simple act of grayscaling can accomplish. A picture that would have been deleted is transformed into something worth keeping. For me it seems to hold an artistic quality that makes more things permissible or something.

But I do have other black and white photos. Ones that are not neccesarily awesome or anything, but that didn't require "saving." No underexposure, no grain. Pictures that for some reason I felt should be black and white. Well, it's totally strange, but as I looked through my iphoto I noticed a trend. It seems that every single photograph that contains someone reading? I make black and white. Why? I have no clue. I mean what about the act of reading screams desaturate! to me?

And that's not even all of them. There are more. Many more.

I don't really know what to say about it, but I thought it was kinda interesting? Kinda? I mean, this is something I do. Repeatedly. Without ever noticing that I keep doing it. My mama brain won't let me get any deeper than that. Perhaps after some naps and a glass of wine I will dive into some self discovery, but for now...we both know a little bit more about me.

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Brooke said...

So cute! I have some cool b&w's you can check out here
per shutter sisters post