Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Check out this super cute little dish scrubber I made from plarn!

What's plarn? It's yarn made from plastic grocery bags. This knit up pretty quick. Much quicker than it took to make the plarn, I must say. But hey, it's a good way to reuse one of the biggest and most detrimental polluters of our oceans...and roadside trees.

And it scrubs a pretty mean potato too.


Mrs. Brown said...

WOW! do you have a pattern for this? how did you make it? i need many. and where did you score the plarn?

KL said...

interesting... I would imagine you would like something a little more inspired than dish scrubbers?

I used a pattern that called for cotton from Ravelry (search free patterns "scrubby"). And I made the plarn it and you'll see how. Easy, but kinda noisy and annoying for anyone in the room with you.

If you have trouble finding any of the info...I can email it to you too :-)

KL said...
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Mrs. Brown said...

after i read your post, i youtubed plarn and i am all over making this stuff. tony laughed so hard when i told him i was making plarn. he made me repeat myself and say it again....i am making homemade plarn. then i realized how close it sounds to something X rated. i thinki'm going to knit up some tote bags/ net grocery bags with it. talk about reusing and recycling. i love it!