Friday, April 17, 2009

Cranky and Comfy

Sleep is getting to be a thing of the past. I can't even explain how exhausted I am. Joe is waking up quite a bit at night. And when I go to get him back to sleep, he's all cranky and twitchy and floppy with his limbs. I have been swaddling him (still) but now I'm thinking he needs to break the habit. Though it solves this floppy limb problem, at least initially, once he breaks out It's almost as if they greet the freedom with uncontrollable spasms. Look! I can move! They just flail about, and he seems quite upset by it. His hands actually attack him. Poor kid looks like he got in a fight with a tiger.

It's funny, I checked back in my archives to see what Sam was doing at this age. We also had a step backwards in the sleep department, which I attributed to teething. Which is probably somewhat of a factor with Joe as well. I was surprised to see that Sam was already crawling! Joe can barely flip over. And he only sits for about 3 seconds. I really need to be better about he tummy time, huh.

So today I put him down for his morning nap without the swaddle. This is usually an hour and a half nap, we'll see what happens. I'm totally cool with a short nap, because maybe he'll go down early for his afternoon nap, which means he and Sam will be napping at the same time.

Oh, to dream.

Sam's sleeping like a champ (I hate to even type that...). He is having a mellow time of day now too. It used to be his crazy time, around 5, but now he'll curl up on the couch and ask to watch TV. Which I usually indulge because that means I can maybe start dinner. He's also taken to the blanket J's sister knit him when he was born. It's a beautiful log cabin blanket that I don't even want to think about how long took to knit. I was amazed when he took his time yesterday to get all situated and comfy. Not my usual Sam.

Hope he's not getting sick.

PS, Joe loves it too...


crankypantsknits. said...

Those pictures alone make the knitting time totally worth it. And I am SO stealing them for my7 blog as soon as I get home ;)

Sleep junk makes everything seem so much harder. I hope Joe settles into a more restful routine soon!

KirstinL said...

Please do! I love seeing my boys on's like they're famous ;-)