Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mission Control

This is my new video camera (thanks Jay!), in front of my new iMac (thanks mom and dad!)

That means movies. Edited movies, no less. At least once I learn how to use the camera...and iMovie. But I have faith that iMovie will be pretty user-friendly like other Apple applications.

The fact that picture was taken with my iPhone means we are officially over-technified (which I guess is not a word by the glaring red line that just appeared beneath it). I always have mixed feelings about taking on another digital gizmo. More clutter in the ether. It brings with it a disorganization that isn't necessarily seen, but felt. Not that I'm complaining! Who can complain when you can bring the sound and motion of all our crazyness to the masses.

(note: I attempted to embed some craziness...iMovie is not as idiot proof as I had hoped. I know how I am spending naptime today. And red line people, naptime is definitely a word in my world. Probably should be capitalized.)

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