Sunday, March 29, 2009



Anonymous said...

Love it!


KL said...

Already rethinking it...turned out a little smurfy.

Mrs. Brown said...

nice! did you use paint panint or spray paint?

great minds were thinking alike this week.

KL said...

To be honest, Jay did it...but I supervised (ok, watched).

I have no idea if there is a special furniture paint out there, but he rolled on normal latex paint (glossy, so wipeable) from Lowes on the top, and brushed on everywhere else. He used a wall roller, so it left some marks. If you're good with spray paint, I would do that, at least for any top surface that any marks will be obvious. I suck at spray paint and always drip, waste a crap load and run out.

Have ever used milk paint? I hear it's good on wood. this table was all veneer shiny stuff so...

What we're thinking of doing now is a light sand, reapply paint with a less spongy roller, light sand again and one coat of poly. No poly leaves the top a bit tacky.

And perhaps a change in color...geez, ask a question, get a novel.