Monday, March 23, 2009

At least it keeps him out of the mud.

There hasn't been much time to write lately. We are enjoying the dynamics of simultaneous teething, so there isn't much time for anything. Joe's teeth are already through, and just moving up, so it's just some minor (but constant) fussiness. Sam's bottom 2-year molars are just about broken through, and let me tell you, it's resulting in some MAJOR grump.

He won't admit that his mouth hurts, but his vacation from the land of logic tells us what's up. He's in that contradictory, want-but-don't-want mode, pretty much all day long. "Mama, want yogurt." So I retrieve some yogurt and am met with, "NO, No, no yogurt!" So I turn around.."YOGURT!" Make eye contact and "NOOOOOO yogurt, take yogurt way!" and he falls into a heaping slobbery mess on the floor. Oh, and god forbid you go to the kitchen without informing him...or use a pen. It's really quite ridiculous. I feel kinda bad as I often stifle a bewildered giggle. Luckily the blobbery stage is followed by the I-need-a-hug stage. After which he will usually take some medicine without a fight.

Once some Tylenol is ingested and happiness has returned, we've managed a little fun.

Winter made a brief return yesterday, but was followed by some pretty bright sunshine so it only made me sad for a minute. There are still little bits of ice and snow around, but they're going fast. I'm sure we'll get another squall or snow shower before April, but hopefully nothing too crazy. In the meantime, Sam enjoys every little bit of the frozen stuff we can find.


anniebel said...

The pictures are so great! You have a good eye. I miss the little buggers!! Can't wait to see them. You guys too of course!

Anonymous said...

Glad to know I am not alone. Ava is in a fork stage. You are in for a world of hurt if you offer her a spoon with her yogurt.

- Jess