Friday, February 27, 2009

Here they come, to save the daaaaaaaaaayyyyyy.....

Those of you who were worried about me being alone for a week need not fret...the reinforcements have arrived! Jay's folks came up Wednesday night and their presence has done wonders around here. Things weren't all that bad, I am blessed with some great friends and neighbors. Meals and playdates have kept me sane...and someone, I still don't know who, shoveled my snow on Sunday night. Get that person a cape and mask... shoveling deep driveways under the cover of night, clearing steps with a single scoop! superhero.

Sam is in heaven with two people willing to indulge his need for jumping, climbing, crashing, and general mayhem. And I'm am so thankful. Especially since I woke up this morning with sore throat, swollen glands and the feeling my sinuses are about to explode. I haven't been anywhere in 3 days, then yesterday I took advantage of the Grandparent patrol and, BAM! Here, have some germs. Stupid Post Office, you cesspool of human ick!

We look forward to Jay's return tomorrow. Word is that they were to get some fresh snow last night, so let's hope they're having a good day today. Last I spoke to him he said that even though the riding conditions were less than optimal, the scenery was breathtaking...hope he took some pictures.

So, as you can imagine, I haven't had much time to take any pics. I have a few from the last couple months that I will share.


Amy said...

I forgot about the secret shoveling - that was Dave! Remember when he took off while you were still here? He snuck over to your house to clear things for you.

KL said...

um, oh my god. PLLLlllllleeeeeease thank him for me! Who knows when I'll see him. Wow. I feel so bad that I would have never thought it was him! Dave, you are officially a great guy in my book.