Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Hat's off!

There is so much that has happened since I blogged last, it's hard to even organize it in my brain. We had a wonderful visit with Jay's sister Amy and our nephew Henry (pics to come!), then Sam and I flew down to Florida (note: flying with an 18 month old is NOTHING like flying with a 15 month old) to visit Grandma and Grandpa and see my sister's new baby Kaylee (pics to come!). And upon our return, we moved into a little one bedroom apartment while contractors have their way with our little grey box, turning it into a bigger grey box. All the pics may take some time to organize...but since I got one from our GC today, I figured I'd share.

So this was our house last week....

And this is our house this afternoon!

So the plan is to put on a second story. They say they'll be done by mid September, however we've already hit some snags due to weather. Our GC says were only 3 days behind, which is good. We have to move back in the end of August no matter how far along it is, so let's hope things go smooth. In the meantime, I sit amidst the wafting smell of incense and bass vibrating the ceiling. Oh, the college life...so carefree...and noisy.

Ok, I'm officially old.

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