Monday, January 14, 2008

Holdin down the fort...

I sit here while Sam is quietly napping and the snow is slowing beginning to fall. We aren't supposed to get a whole bunch, but let's hope it's enough to cover the ground. Like a lot of the country, we saw a pretty significant thaw last week. It left the ground bare and I must say, kinda grungy and dirty. The snow always releases a bit of discarded trash and cigarette butts, not very pretty. Also revealed were our two Halloween pumpkins! I pile of orange mush. No fun to clean up, but glad I got to it before spring.

Sam, Tubbs and I are solo for the next couple days while J enjoys a work retreat at Stowe. Tough job right? Hopefully this little snow will be a big snow at the mountain for them. Not too big though. I want my hubby back safe and sound. I can hear it now, how all the the fresh powder makes the trip back to Burlington dangerous. And sure there is the added bonus of amazing ski conditions.

Not much has been going on around here. J and I have set up a few appointments with contractors to talk about the house. We are in a dilemma. Our little house is in a great neighborhood, but it's...well, little. We have a dream of adding a second story, but that may prove to be a little more than our current finances can handle. We're pretty sure we're going to put the Northampton house on the market once our current tenants move out. A lot will depend on what that can sell for. We have an idea, but with the soft market, who knows. Of course, we could sell both houses, take the equity, and buy something bigger. But it would be in a lesser than ideal neighborhood or area. Time to weigh the pros and cons!

Sam has developed some new and adorable attributes. He's begun to really try to communicate what he wants. As a result, I'm doing my best to introduce some signs to his vocabulary. The motivation to do so is compounded by his current method of pointing while grunting and whining. He is enjoying music more than ever. He has an arm flap/butt bounce thing going. Recently he has added a spin. Sometimes he doesn't even need music. He spins, gets dizzy, and falls down. Then up again. Spin, wobble, boom! Can be a little rough on the nerves.

Words are coming...sorta. He's got mama down now. He used to try for "Tubbs", but since we have been doing the howl, so Tubbs howls, Tubbs is now addressed as "OOOOOoooooooohhhhhh." Now and then he'll repeat something, like "shoes", but if you try again, you're outta luck.

Here are a few black and whites...mama was feeling artsy


Linda said...

Great pics. I aleways hope for snow but I rarely get what I want. We may get ice Thursday night. Have to check for the candles and blankets in the morning.

anniebel said...

We really miss you guys! Can't wait to see you again! Seems like so long! Sorry to hear to you've not been feeling well. Hope we can get together soon. Love ya Mom and Dad