Wednesday, September 19, 2007

State of the Sam - Month 9

Ok, well, this was supposed to be done a while ago. I started this post on September 6th and it's now....well, not September 6th anymore. I hope this exercise will continue every month, but considering how difficult it was to complete, and it's not nearly as detailed as I would have liked, I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

I've been thinking of writing every month to record how you are doing, what you have learned, so when you are older you can get a sense of what it was like. I toyed with another blog for a bit when I was pregnant, but really, I have enough blogs to keep up with and I didn't want it to be a chore. So then I figured I'd incorporate it here, since I'm always desparate for blog fodder anyway. Memere, Pepere, Grandma and Grandpa come to this little corner of the internet to check up on you and your antics, so what better place? Another blogger I read does a monthly "Newsletter" and I've always enjoyed reading the sweet and funny summaries of her daughter. And the other day, she posted another installment and reiterated her reasoning for writing every month and it solidified my descision to do the same.

Today you turned 9 months old. Though many people think you are older. And who can blame them when your smile reveals and absurd amount of teeth. (For the record, that's 8).

After much prompting and positive reinforcement you are successfully saying "mama." Though it's not the sweet 'Ma-Ma' you think of baby dolls uttering. It's more puncuated. Grunted. And slightly whiny. "mAm-A MmmmmA!" And it's clear you aren't using it as a name for me, but rather an order. It's your servants bell. It means "please change the current state of affairs." Remove me from the crib - get me out of this highchair - left your leg so I can get by- Give me your boob! Even the demanding version melts my heart and I'm thrilled you are beginning to communicate.

A while back you were clapping. But it went by the wayside since it required nearly daily reinforcement. Well, it's back! And in a big way.

It takes very little prompting and we love watching you errupt in smiles as we follow suit and join in the applause.

You are eating as much as ever and are enjoying pretty much anything I put in front of you. Though you have become particularly fond of the muffins mommy gets at Fresh Market. You become electric with anticipation once you realize we have entered the store and I am treated to a barrage of 'Mamamamama' until I can successfully pour my coffee, grab a muffin and sit. At first it was kinda cute, but now my relaxing time to sip coffee and peruse the local arts paper has been replaced by keeping up with the demands of baby to be presented with continuous bite-size morsels of muffin.

Tubbs is enjoying your ability to discern cause and effect as well. You have discovered that he likes to eat what you drop. And since it is nearly impossible to get the big brown monster anywhere near you otherwise, you delight in littering the floor with food to watch him swoop in and gobble it up.

Everyone is happy in this arrangement. Except perhaps Mommy who is now looking for a night job to keep us supplied in Cheerios.

You continue to advance towards walking, much to my dismay. The resulting flops and twists have me constantly cringing and wincing. Your flexibility continues to amaze me as I watch you tumble and turn, tripping over your own toes. But luckily the only tears come from mommy. But lately there has been less head bonking and more of this...

It's not just the running around and chasing that has me not super excited about you walking. It's realizing how big your getting and how quickly this time will go. You are a joy. Everyday making life a little lighter and helping us to realize what's truely important. So go ahead and walk and explore, just don't go too far.


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