Monday, August 20, 2007

I've been trying to update, but Sam has decided that naps should not exceed 1/2 hour. So I'll try to make this quick.

We now have 8 teeth. I think I might have already reported that once, but I was mistaken. I thought there were 8, but soon realized there were only 7. So this last one has been trying to come through and after a Saturday night of very little sleep, there are 8!

We expect a break now. We better get a break. No teeth for a while, please.

Since I last updated I visited my parents in Virginia. It was so nice! Sam totally dug the carpeted openess and the pile of toys. Though his favorite still seems to be my shoes. But perhaps this thing is a close second

Not only did he have a big bouncey ring of goodness, he had a private pool!

Needless to say he was a little in the dumps upon his return to the boring house of hardwood floors (emphasis on "hard"). He wanted nothing to do with hanging out with Mommy on the couch. He was all about looking for Grandma on the floor.


anniebel said...

Great pictures! Glad you had a good time. Good Luck on the sleep issue!! Believe it or not, it can't last forever!

MarylandMommy said...

Cute pics! Mya makes a face like that we call "scrunchy face"!

I hear you were able to enjoy the lovely loud saucer! Whew, I am so glad that thing is out of my home! Ha!