Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Let's swing baby!

Due to Sam's newfound mobility and his desire to pull himself to standing on the most shaky of items, there is a new fixture to the family room.

Don't let that picture worry you...he actually seems to like it. And I don't put him in all that often. Just when I have to pee or make lunch or need to rest my biceps and hunched back from the constant redirecting of baby from peril.

I was feeling guilty about this containment, so Sam and I headed over to the "baby" playground at the park.

I plopped him down in the swing and gave him a little shove. He LOVED it!

Then, last weekend, we went to a friends lake camp, and what was there? A swing! Two swings in one week. I must say, Sam was pleased.

Here's a picture of the swinging action with the lake in the background..

Nice, huh? A friend of mine with a little boy the same age as Sam had a bunch of us over. It belongs to her folks and she used to spend summers there when she was a kid. It sounded so nice it made me want to liquidate all assets and buy a lake camp immediately. Only I'm not sure that would cover it. And most camps are only for summer I guess it's not such a good idea.

In the meantime, we will be accepting every invitation we recieve. Very relaxing....

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