Monday, November 27, 2006

Past Due Notice

Well, STILL pregnant. Baby Boy's due date has come and gone. Though the doctor told me 41-42 weeks is not unusual I must admit I was holding on to that day. I figured the little guy would be enjoying his first Hokie football game on the couch with us, but instead he got the usual muffled Daddy screams through my abdomen wall. Perhaps his first words won't be "Tubbs, shut up!" but "GLENNON! You idiot!" Of course it all turned out ok on Saturday. Since we couldn't have Baby, at least we got to retain the Commonwealth Cup! Yay Hokies!

Last night I had some contractions, but at this point I don't put a lot of stock in that. I know I'm getting closer, but to guess how close that may be seems futile. It will happen when it happens. Only it is getting awfully close to xmas! I would like to keep him a November Baby. For some reason that line between months offers some kind of mental buffer. Expenditures on presents is a worry...especially before the winter heating season in Vermont. Baby Bday + Xmas + Gas Bills = poor house.

So I'm just waiting. I'm a little annoyed that the pre-baby house cleaning and grocery store trip has faded in their effectiveness. The dog hair is accumulating and the fridge is becoming bare. Today I have a list of little tasks to complete. Maybe the activity will help move things along.

So until further notice, I am still cookin' the kid. Everyone send me some labor vibes!


Linda said...

I have heard that if you eat(or like) eggplant it will start contractions. Not a medical opinion but might be worth trying, who knows!!??

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kirstin. Iwish I could give you a hint, but you're right it will happen when it's time. Believe me I too am getting impatient. Thinking of you. We love you.


Ann said...

Poor Kirstin! I can only imagine your wanting to get things moving! We are all definately thinking about you... all the time! Every time the phone rings I run to check the caller ID. you well's not you guys! Pretty soon. I never thought you would get this close to my birthday! Don't worry, I'm not hoping you'll wait until then!!! Hang in there. We love you!
Ann & Ed

MarylandMommy said...

Hang in there!!! Hopefully he will be making his debut very SOON!!!