Wednesday, July 19, 2006

So much for Mother's Intuition

D - small

So that's the baby! One baby...ONE! We had a moment of doubt when the Dr. told me that hearbeat listening I did a while back would not have determined twins unless they were really looking for them. So we had about 5 minutes of apprehension (not that we wouldn't have been thrilled, just overwhelmed).

He kinda looks like Skeletor (you He-man fans know what I'm talking about), but the Dr. assured me that's normal. Yes, I said HE! It's a boy! If you don't quite see it, he's on his side and that cirlce is his big round head! You can only see his head and his torso to the left. The top of his head is on the right. The dark areas are his eye sockets and his nose in the middle...he's looking right at you.

It was so cool! He was squirming while we watched him on the screen. At one point, he started opening and closing his mouth. The Dr. caught a picture...


That dark circle at the left of the head is his open mouth. I must admit, that's a little creeping looking in still form, but to watch it like a movie was amazing. We even saw him move his arms and open and close his hands. That little cluster of white to the left are his hands.

It's so much more real now. It seems strange to think a little boy can be grown inside of a woman, but I guess that's how it's always done. And big bonus, we can forget about all those pesky girl names. If he only knew how close he came to being Mary, or Adelaide, or Eliza or the many others we couldn't quite agree on.

So that's the poop! I was wrong, but it seems EVERYONE else was right. We couldn't be more thrilled. Bring on the blue!


MarylandMommy said...

Dang.....I already had a big box of hair bows to send you.

Congrats! BOYS are so fun!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Boys can be so much fun, and I should know.

Aunt Lana

Linda said...

Who says boys can't wear hair bows? He won't feel the effects until he has a girlfriend when he's 23 or so. You can bring them out then!!! Kidding