Monday, July 31, 2006

Blisters and Boats

It's been a little while, but luckily that means I have a lot to write about.

First, I have shingles! Which, for those of you who don't know, is really chicken pox. It's a reoccurance of the virus that gets released from your spinal column when your immune system gets a shake up. Therefore, pregnant women sometimes get them. It's not too bad. I've done some looking around on the internet, and I actually seem to have it pretty good. Some of those pictures are scary! Shingles only appears on one nerve, and the nerve it's on is around the left side of my ribcage. The unfortunate thing is that it is DIRECTLY under where my brastrap goes. Summer humidity + brastrap+ large pregancy mamories + painful blisters = torture. But the blisters have almost all popped, so now I'm just left with the scabby dots you associate with the chicken pox. I think I'll be back to normal in about a week.

I am back on the job hunt! I finished up where J works. It was fun, too bad they didn't have more for me to do. I was brought in to help with some deadline stuff, and the launch of the project is tomorrow, so I'm no longer needed. It's nice that I can put faces with names of people J talks about though. Company functions won't be as intimidating or boring now that I've gotten to know some his coworkers.

The little guy is doing well. However, he's graduated from "floppy swimmer" to "kung-fu master." His favorite target? My bladder. Not very comfortable. Bathroom visits are on the rise! Could be a problem if the temp agency wants me to work some reception job.

We FINALLY got on the water last week! A guy J works with has a sailboat and he and his wife picked us up and took us out. This will probably be the last time I'm on a boat that requires a shift in weight with turning. My sense of balance has been compromised with my ever-shifting center of gravity and scooting from one side of the boat to the other was a little cumbersome. But it was beautfiul...peacful and quiet.

This is them calling J to tell us where to meet the boat.

And we were off!

This island is a major landscape fixture, therefore I have taken a bazillion pictures of it. Getting on the water allowed a closer up view. And now I know it's called "juniper island." I can only assume that there are junipers on it.

Heading off into the sunset.

Heading back into dock as it's getting dark.

It was so beautiful. I now have a hankerin' to get a boat. I suppose we should be thinking about a house first. Getting on the lake definitely raised my opinion of Burlington. I really do like it here. I would say "I hope it becomes home", but let's wait until we get through a winter first.

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Linda said...

Beautiful pics. When winter comes you will have to take snow pics. I will be jealous but will love them.