Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Things were looking up...for a minute.

Last week I got a response from one of the companies where I submitted a resume. The job they had sounded good and they called to chat a little and then scheduled a formal interview...for today. Well, this morning I got a call. The position has been filled. Bah.

I actually had a less-than-optimistic feeling about this job. I was pretty sure they wouldn't hire me once they found out I was pregnant. At least I can stop stressing about how to exactly tell them, since I won't be talking to them. It's just sort of disappointing. Because they didn't know, not yet. So I'm actually being dismissed on my merit..or lack of merit...or unimpressive amount of merit compared to that of whoever got hired.

On Monday I had another little bright spot. I got a call from the temp agency. They had a job for me! But it starts the week I'm visiting down in DC. Since they thought I was so perfect for it, they said they'd call the people and see if I could start the week after. Well, the people said no.

I secretly think they caught wind of possible pregnant lady and squashed it right there. What? Why would they care if it's only a temp job? Well, they have to be careful about who they allow to have access to their inventory

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Linda said...

Be patient. Things will come to you when they are ready to.