Friday, June 16, 2006

I found my cable!

Since I still don't have a job, and finally found my computer cable, I figured I get out and take some pictures of our new town. First, I headed down to Church Street to get a Seven Days (local free paper) and sit and knit a while. Well, I had planned on taking pictures, but it was so jam packed with people...I always feel like a weirdo taking photos with strangers in the mix. Perhaps I am too self conscious. For instance, there was a mom who paid "balloon guy" to make crazy knotted balloon hats for her kids. Would have been great pictures (super cute kids), but what if the lady was like " hey, why are you taken pictures of my kids, are you some kind of pervert?!" Though my new zoom lens allows me to be a little sneaky, I still didn't have the nerve.

So, while sipping on my Decaf mocha and knitting in the sidewalk cafe, all I managed to get was a stain on my shirt and a sunburn.

After a while I headed out towards Battery Park, figuring I could take some pictures down there, which I did!

Battery Park Path

The car ferry that departs for New York every hour had just left the dock...

I decided to walk down to the docks, which is the offical "waterfront." There I figured I walk the bikepath back home.

This is looking down towards the waterfront from the path as I walked from Battery Park.

One of the greatest things about Burlington is the Bikepath. It connects one end of the city to the other, with a large stretch of it along the waterfront. J got a old bike from his dad and is in the process of fixing it up. Once he's done, he can bike to work!

The Spirit of Ethan Allen is a big boat that has dinner cruises and hosts other excursions on the lake.

I hopped on the bike path and headed south towards our house. I get off the path at Perkins Pier, which is a dock and small park at the bottom of our street.

Boats docked at Perkins Pier.

There is a small island you can see from the shore. I'm sure it has a name, but I don't know what it is.

J and I walk down here a lot for the sunset...

Now, I'm not trying to be all "Aren't you jealous, look where I live"...remember it's only this nice 4 months out of the year. Also, I didn't include the pictures of the homeless shelter a block up the street, nor the rotting couch someone dumped on the side of our driveway. But the lake and mountains sure are pretty. And lately, the weather is just gorgeous. I'm loving it so far...if the temp agency called with an assignment, then all would be perfect.


MarylandMommy said...

Looks beautiful!

Linda said...

Looks like a great place to be. If dawn ever takes more than one or two days off in a row we may have to come and visit. I wouldn't hold my breath tho because she is a workaholic.

K said...

Oh, please do! Our guest room is always open.