Monday, May 15, 2006

I know Linen wrinkles, but not as bad as Smashed Volvo.

Hello! I think I'm going to stop saying that I will update more often because it doesn't really seem to be happening, and I don't want to make myself a liar anymore.

Luckily, some stuff has happened, so I have some stuff to say!

Last week I went to Burlington to stay with J in the fancy Marriott Residence in Williston. It's nice enough, but it's located in the middle of strip mall, big box store central. Our restaurant choices are Outback, Applebee's and's like living at the mall. But of course Burlington is only 7 minutes away, so we usually head into town to eat. They have a TON of restaurants downtown, many of which we still have to sample. I'm seeing an increase in our "eating out" budget. Might as well, once the little one arrives who knows how often we'll be able to get out.

I was excited to visit because Burlington has many stores in close proximity, unlike Northampton. Oh, we have stores, but they're either vintage/thrift store kinda places or fancy boutique (aka "very expensive") stores. So on Tuesday I headed downtown to see if I could find anything to wear to the wedding we're attending Memorial Day weekend. Ann Taylor was having a sale! A big one! So my trip was successful! I got a great linen skirt and matching top (Click here if you want to see it).

I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to find some shoes to match, no luck. I have ridiculously short but even more ridiculously wide feet. I swear they are almost square. Needless to say it makes finding dress shoes, especially anything strappy and spring-like, nearly impossible.

I gave up the shoe search and decided to head back to the hotel to hang out with the dog. This is when the excitement starts. I'm probably a mile and half from the hotel when I come to a 4 way stop. As I come to a stop I see a car slowing to the right of me. I arrived first, so I proceed to head through the intersection (I'm going straight). About 3/4 of the way through BAM! Oh crap! What was that?! So I put on my brake, then WHAM! this time from behind. I see a grey Corolla in my mirror. She hit me! TWICE! So shaken up a little, I pull over and she does the same. I get out of the car and walk over to make sure she's all right. Behind the wheel is a small elderly woman. She's says she's fine, but obviously upset. We're in the parking lot of a gas station that is on the corner of the 4 way stop. I run in and have them call the police.

Well, the officer comes, gets all our info and the story. It's pretty clear it's her fault. I'm not sure if she ran the stop sign, but I think most likely she just didn't see me at all. She's super upset and I feel kinda bad for her. A half hour later I'm headed back to hotel with a crunched side door and a crack in my bumper (oh, and the policeman's pen in my pocket...which he called me about and made me drive to the police station and give back to him). The whole thing put a damper on my visit. I spent the next day on the phone with the insurance company trying to explain that yes, we live in Massachusetts, but we are moving to Vermont in 2 weeks, and No we don't live there yet, and Yes the accident happened in Vermont, and I don't know if I'm getting my car fixed in Vermont or Massachusetts...ugh!

Luckily the car can still be driven. An adjuster came by and gave me an estimate. He explained to me how it's dangerous on the road this time of year in New England. I was perplexed...
"Oh yeah, we just got real busy. All the old people are coming back from Florida. They're hitting people left and right."

Or in my case, rear and right.


Linda said...

So sorry to hear about your accident, but happy to hear you are ok. Check out my blog site to see what happened to our new car 3 week after we got it. We didn't even have tags on it yet and we don't have it back yet. Hope we get it back before it gets cold so we can at least use the convertable. Dawn was going to work and wasn't hurt.

MarylandMommy said...
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MarylandMommy said...

Sucks about the Volvo but at least you were OK!

Cute outfit by the way!