Thursday, January 05, 2006

On the Hunt

After reading the below summation of my New Year’s Eve some of you may think I am holding on desperately to my youth. When silliness was Ok, and the use of mass transit an adventure. There is nothing more pathetic than a bunch of old farts trying to act like college students. But I must remind you that I AM still in my twenties!? Hmmm? What’s that? I’m twenty – eleven, soon to be twenty-twelve in March. I look forward to retiring when I turn twenty-forty five.

Oh, it wasn’t that bad. It’s not as if I entered a wet T-shirt contest or anything. What we did do is join a scavenger hunt! Our friend Matt headed up the effort to get the thing rolling. There were 5 teams of 4 – so that’s 20 people unleashed upon the unsuspecting people of Portland with digital cameras and mascots in tow.

It started by teams registering and paying their $20 to participate. The $20 went to the after-party and grand prize...which I think was $200. Each team was armed with a list of tasks to complete and photograph, a team mascot, and for some of the more adventurous, team uniforms. We were pirates...Aaarrrgh!

And the winners for the funniest costume was............

The unicorns! (I told you there were unicorns) The number on the dry erase board conincides with the task number on your hit list. This one is #12, one pic of three showing the team using each mode of public transportation available in Portland.

Since our host Matt was the organizer, our team didn’t participate in the competition portion, but always willing to make fools of ourselves in strange cities, prize shmize.

I could go on and on about the night, but like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Shiver me timbers! Our team doing #4 - team human pyramid at a bus stop.

Ei Matey..we needs some provisions to keep off the scurvy!
#20 Team at the Co-op grocers "thoroughly examining the produce"

Every pirate really wants to be a rock star.
#25 -Team rockin' out to the Areosmith sign at the Civic Center.

Rain Ahoy! Sheild us from the weather or you'll walk the plank!
#2- Team picture with the "umbrella man"

And there was so much more, and it's HILARIOUS. The other teams basically kicked our butts and got a ton of stuff done. Tasks included break dancing at union station, kung fu fighting at the ice rink, and shopping at an adult boutique (we didn't do that one). Since I have limited patience with uploading photos, in a salute to all the teams, here is a Starbucks pic from each...25 points for every picture at a different one. Needless to say, the city's full of them.

So that takes care of the unicorns.

Since it was my first time to this particular area of the country, we had to see the sites. Since we were short on time, we hit the easy accessible and beautiful Multnomah Falls right before we left. I took my new and wonderful camera with me and took a couple pictures. Unfortunately between the weather and the lateness of the day, it was a little dark.

At home these pictures look good on my LCD screen, but at work you can barely make out the detail. Sorry if they are too dim to see. Dad, you'll have to tell me how best to tackle that problem.

So that was how I spent my New Years. I hope everyone had a nice time ringing in the New Year too!


Anonymous said...

It's pretty bad when a niece is only 20 minutes away and won't meet her beloved aunt for lunch or something!!!!! Just kidding. I told your mom I'd write a guilt trip to you. You were soooooo close though!

K said...

Hi! Yes, I am a terrible niece. I have no excuse. Please forgive me.

Don't worry about the guilt trip, the one my mom laid on me has made me used to it. Just kidding mom! (but not really)

Anonymous said...

your pics are great!