Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Things I am Thankful For

The ability to realize that playing 'chicken' with gravity is a no win situation - We narrowly escaped a head on collision with a run away van that broke loose from a tow truck on the Merritt Parkway

That 'You'll have to do the cooking' really means 'Here, stir this' - There was some concern that I and Danielle, or both of us, may have actually cook Thanksgiving dinner, but my Mom took the reigns and produced the affair with little help from her culinary challenged daughters. Not that I didn't try, but she was unstoppable. I actually had to prevent her from baking the apple pie that Ken said he would make. Love you Mom!

Fellow Hokies - Not only did the team put on a great performance, but we got to watch the game with (2) of my favorite Hokies Jess & Mike. Though Jess thought it was a good idea to have a shot of Jagermeister after (2) glasses of wine. At the time it didn't sound like a bad a idea. However, the next day I was reminded I am not 22 anymore.

That a hangover is an acceptable excuse not to go shopping! - Can you believe J actually wanted to go to the mall...insane!

That big dogs don't realize their big, but little dogs think they're Kujo -
I don't know who said what to whom, but the 'Tennis Ball Incident' left David victorious and Goliath attempting to lick his wound through a sock.

And of course...
For my wonderful family and friends - Though I didn't get to see all of you, I hope you had a joyous holiday with those that were lucky enough to be near you.


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MarylandMommy said...

Those darn ankle biters.....