Thursday, November 10, 2005

A Hokie is like a Moose

They're around, you just don't see them very often. I saw my one and only moose in Northampton about 3 years ago outside the office where I work. I was was so TALL! And apparently just a youngin', about 2 years old.

I haven't been as fortunate with the Hokie sighting around here. J and I have seen some in Boston or maybe the mall, but not in downtown Northampton.


I spotted my first Northampton Hokie today! I was dropping off some materials at an architects office downtown and there he was. VT golf visor with a matching maroon fleece VT vest! I saw him as I walked towards the door, but he was on a cell phone, so I didn't say anything. On my way back out of the building, he was still there, and still on the phone. As I passed by I gave a quick "go hokies!" and he turned and smiled. "Our kind is rare around these parts!" I said and walked on. I kinda wish he hadn't been on the phone so I could see if he actually LIVED around here. I've been toying with the idea of starting a Northampton Alumni Chapter, but I'm afraid it would just be me and J. Also, our house isn't real hospitable for watching football games (see previous posts regarding the big brown monster).

Go Hokies!

Hi mom. Thinking about you!

I Love You. K

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