Sunday, July 24, 2005


Framing is almost done! We now have a better idea of how the layout will feel. I don't have any pictures today of the space...can't find the battery charger. If we don't find it soon, we're going to buy a new one, so I will have pictures eventually. The place to should look like it looks now for a while, so not much will be missed. I do, however, have pictures of the junk we found in the floor.

Clay Marbles...looked these up online and they're worth about $3.00...for all of them.

Some sort of vouchers. Perhaps a fundraiser dinner? Not positive the 1913 on them actually indicates a year. Done a little research, but have yet to find anything.

1917 Penny. When stuff started turning up all I wanted to find was a coin...and I did!

Keys. Whatever they might have opened isn't here anymore.

Flatware with insert
Flatware. I think it's silver plated. Plan to get some polish and shine them up a bit. Two of them have initials on the end...S.C.

That's it...not exactly treasure, but interesting. Hope to have some more pics up soon.
Hope everyone's doing well!



MarylandMommy said...

Cool finds!!!

bob said...

Those are some cool items. Those you should probably hang on to!